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ENERBIE GmbH - is all about power and heat

A decentralised conversion of heat into electricity, in small and medium-sized power plants, is one of the central components when trying to solve the climate change problem. Until we see a nationwide expansion of so-called smart grids, we will still need not only renewable sources of energy but also conventional power plants.

Therefore, Enerbie GmbH provides engineering services for the planning, design and evaluation of steam turbines and power plants or their components in both the conventional and the renewable segment. Its business is sub-divided into Enerbie ING and Enerbie TEC.

Enerbie TEC

In renewable energies in particular, no end of the development is in sight. In order to be always up-to-date or co-shape within the development, Enerbie TEC works on a number its of own R&D projects.


Enerbie ING

Enerbie ING customises Enerbie TEC's innovative solutions. We offer complex engineering services for plant designers, power plant operators, municipal utilities, steam turbine and gearbox manufacturers and, perhaps, in future you...